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About me

«Every human being is an artist.»

Joseph Beuys


My passion is to explore the human condition in all its aspects in a process-oriented way. As an artist, I myself am on a path alternating between my inner world and the outside world. Accompanying you, I am able to enrich the therapeutic process thanks to my diverse skills and experience. The miracle of transformation takes place in the dialogue between human beings.

I am a member of the GPK (Professional Association for Expressive Psychotherapy and Art Therapy) and can accompany you in German, English or French. My artistic work is shown regularly in the form of installations and exhibitions in public spaces.

My work has been – and continues to be – shaped by various stages of my education and many years of experience: as a process worker (Diploma in process-oriented psychology – Process Work – by Arnold Mindell), as a dance and movement therapist IAC, as a design teacher IAC, as a painting companion Arno Stern, and as an artist.

Brigitte Moeckli, lic. phil. I