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"I would never have thought that therapy can be fun and
that I would experience so much joy!"

Anna W.

Process-oriented psychology (Process Work) by Arnold Mindell

Process Work is based on the principle that in the areas of our lives where we experience disturbing or painful things, the knowledge we need to solve problems lies hidden. It therefore provides tools that, in the sense of self-empowerment through perception, make it possible to transform difficulties. Based on the senses, problems are perceived, respectfully and carefully observed, unfolded and explored. The lessons learned in doing so are significant, both in terms of the concrete problem as well as in terms of our personal and collective growth.

Process Work was developed in the 1970s and 1980s by Arnold Mindell, MD, a physicist and Jungian training analyst, together with his fellow researchers in Zurich. It is based on the psychology of C.G. Jung, as well as on humanistic psychology, quantum physics, systems theory, Taoism and shamanism.


Dance and movement therapy

The body is a wise counsellor. Dance and movement therapy sees the body, mind and soul as one, and uses this knowledge of the body to transform things that are problematic. The immediate movement and sensation of the body in space allows a dialogue with oneself, with patterns in relationships and behaviour, symptoms and your own resources. If this dialogue is carefully explored, expanded and put into words in conversation with the person accompanying you, you can tap into forces that can change your being and your life. No prior knowledge of dance or movement culture, such as Yoga, Pilates or the like, is necessary.

Creativity therapy

C.G. Jung held that there is a creative principle that affects everything in the world and which also unfolds in people. When we paint, sketch, sculpt, write, dance or sing and perceive what happens spontaneously, we come into contact with our deepest self, finding orientation how our work and our life has the tendency to be formed. Jung says: "You are created as a creating being." Creative work expresses our inner experience, makes it visible and changeable in design, and connects with the primal ground of our being. No prior artistic knowledge is necessary.